Reinventing A Classic

I promised myself I wasn’t going to do it, dear readers, but I did. I got sucked into the Lifetime Original Movie “Coco Chanel,” starring Shirley McLaine. Here’s the trailer:

The movie focused mainly on Chanel’s early life, her love affairs, her first shop, her rise to prominence after WWI, and – interspliced with all of that – was Chanel’s triumphant return in 1954. McLaine played the 1954 incarnation of Coco and the fabulous Slovak actress Barbora Bobulova played the younger version. Needless to say, I was totally smitten for all three hours.

All of this got me to thinking that, even in a season when YSL’s presence was sorely missed and his influence was clearly felt, Chanel’s influence was perhaps even stronger. For spring, black and white were everywhere, and suits for women were pretty much an essential part of every designer’s collection. For this fall it’s no different: bold, graphic designs in flattering cuts with a touch of menswear. All are unmistakably Coco’s making, at least indirectly, and allow the average gal to own a little piece of that design history.

The Flap-Front Top from Simply Vera Vera Wang at Kohl’s, for example, is currently on sale for …

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How to Use Marketing Psychology for Your Company

Understanding who your customers are and what drives their behavior is one of the best things a company can do to make their marketing more effective. Too many businesses present their products or services in ways that THEY think are attractive when instead they should be spending more time focused on the customer experience.

The ways companies use marketing psychology has improved over time. With modern tools, it’s easier than ever to look at what your customer is doing, when, and think about why. Likewise, our penchant for giving up personal information in exchange for free services, a la Facebook, gives companies better insight into who their customers are and where they spend their time.

In this article, we take a look at what marketing psychology is, how you should adapt your approach based on consumer behaviors, and why you should leverage marketing psychology at your company.

What Is Marketing Psychology?

Essentially, marketing psychology is the process of finding patterns in customer behavior and using those patterns to get better results. It’s the process of understanding why your customers do certain things and whether you can influence them to do them less, more often, or just differently says Ross Kernez …

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Operation Independence Day: FBIs Secret Crackdown on Human and Traffickers

Earlier in July, the FBI embarked on an operation to arrest human traffickers and sex traffickers across the US. The operation that took one month, was the longest the department has launched compared with their previous operations that took only a weekend.

The operation dubbed “independence day” was carried out across the department’s 33 offices and involved 400 different agencies. The department allocated much time in planning for the operation following an initiative launched against sex trafficking by a collaboration between the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the FBI.

The crackdown has led to the arrest of 67 traffickers and recovered 100 victims. The victims, mostly children, have been rescued and taken to safer areas where there are being treated and rehabilitated.

The FBI is determined to rescue young girls from sex traffickers and pimps. The recovered children were of different ages, with teens as young as 15 years old. Several 21 years old were also rescued during the operation.

Some cities reported a higher number of rescued juveniles. Dallas and Las Vegas, for instance, reported the highest numbers.

According to the FBI, the department is looking to arrest and file cases against sex traffickers and rescue …

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Forget Bitcoin. These Startups Will Help Your Company Make Its Own Digital Currency

Making another digital money is amazingly – or maybe irritatingly – simple nowadays.

A year ago, new companies raised a sum of $3.7 billion by selling their very own computerized tokens through introductory coin contributions, an approach to fund-raise online without surrendering value or managing financial speculators. Rather than coding their very own advanced tokens starting with no outside help, organizations can utilize what’s known as the ERC20 standard, a convention dependent on the Ethereum arrange. Read what people are saying about the Bitcoin Profit here.

In any case, if even the DIY form is excessively confounded, a few organizations have as of late jumped up to assistance the cryptographic money uneducated get in on the activity, both by making new monetary standards and adding blockchain innovation to their business. On the off chance that crypto is the new dash for unheard of wealth, says Van Valkenburgh, these organizations are the ones trading in for spendable dough by selling picks and scoops.

From Russia, with blockchain

Waves, an open blockchain stage situated in Moscow, enables anybody to make and dispatch another token in under a moment with just a couple of snaps, says Sasha Ivanov, a sequential digital currency …

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Four Types of Marijuana are Commonly Used for Medical Purposes

In the United States alone, there are four types of marijuana that have been allowed to be produced for medical or called with Medical Cannabis, namely:

Marinol and Cesamet: these two drugs are used to medicate nausea and loss of appetite associated with chemotherapy and the patients with AIDS. This is another form of THC, which is the main ingredient of cannabis that gives a high taste. Both of these drugs were FDA approved in the 1980.

Epidiolex: This a drug is used in children with epilepsy and the FDA legalized it in 2013. However, its general use is strictly prohibited.

Sativex: is currently being clinically tested in the United States and is a cure for breast cancer. It’s the combinations of chemicals contained in cannabis plants and sprayed into a mouth. Sativex also approved in over 20 countries to address muscle spasms from MS and cancer pain.

Health benefits of cannabis

As reported by Business Insider, marijuana has several other health benefits, which may be rarely known to many people, including you, perhaps.

We know that using a cannabis (especially if the excess and use it not for treatment) will cause problems in our own …

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