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It’s typically simpler for firms (people, too) to present non-financial items than it’s money or grants, especially when tightening budgets. Whatever disadvantages attach to a system of unwritten law, and of these we are absolutely wise, it has a minimum of this benefit, that its elasticity enables those that administer it to adapt it to the various circumstances of society, and to the necessities and habits of the age in which we reside, so as to keep away from the inconsistencies and injustice which arise when the law is no longer in harmony with the needs and usages and interests of the technology to which it’s instantly applied.

N.Y. Public Well being Law § 2505 offers that the Maternal and Youngster Well being commissioner has the facility to undertake regulations and guidelines including, but not limited to donor requirements, strategies of assortment, and requirements for storage and distribution of human breast milk.

When a portion of wealth is transferred from the one who owns it — with out his consent and with out compensation, and whether by force or by fraud — to anyone who doesn’t personal it, then I say that property is violated; that an act of plunder …

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