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Today we’re talking about Denver, the Mile High City, exactly one mile above sea level. But when you get here, Denver won’t look like a mountain resort, despite its height of 1,650 feet. With its stunning collection of skyscrapers in the Downtown area, you’ll get the impression you’re in a classic, modern, and airy American city.

Spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and the entire Front Range in the background. The truth is Denver, the starting point for many great excursions to explore Colorado. It is the perfect place to become familiar with the cold climate of the highlands by spending a few hours exploring the things to see in and around the city. Find suitable Denver tours and do not miss the chance to travel to this place.

Denver Destinations

Denver is structured as an ideal stop to explore Colorado’s natural beauty. The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, a small natural park characterized by the presence of strange rock shapes of red sandstone. In just over an hour’s drive from Denver and you will reach it. The Red Rock amphitheater is to be considered an attraction in itself, even without seeing a concert, and it is certainly to be included in a travel itinerary that contemplates the main things to see in Colorado.

Speaking of scenic roads, the Mount Evans Scenic Byway is absolutely worthy of a mention. Of course, Mount Evans is farther from Denver, but the scenic route through which you reach the top of the mountain surpasses many other byways in the area for charm, offering beautiful 360° views.

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