How to choose a dog harness

General Article

20 or 30 years ago, the harness was rarely used on a dog. Times have changed. Now, dog owners are praising it. A joint study between veterinarians and dog harness manufacturers has show that 30{c77a46c0d306dfc122db1ee82b364e59edf42293dbf17151e19a9ffb6ca956c8} of dogs now wear them.

Choosing the right size for the harness

If the harness is adjustable like a leash, the room for maneuver is often reduced, especially on the sides of the dog. Therefore, it is important to choose a harness at the right size. There is mainly a distribution of sizes in S, M, L, but some models like the very famous K9 harness have more variations.

If the harness is too tight it will be a challenge to put it on and the dog will feel compressed. Obviously, his well-being is not assured or worse, the harness may become a source of discomfort and pain. As for an harness that is too loose, its usefulness becomes null if your furry companion can run away as soon as he wants.

If you order online, it may a good idea to buy two sizes, as long as you can return one without charge. If so, you can try your two different harness sizes and select the one that suits the dog better.

Pay attention to the possibilities for adjustments. Models are not made the same and the ability to adjust the harness is especially important if your dog is young, as he may grow and gain weight. It would be a shame to have to buy a new harness after a few months!

Choose practical and strong fasteners

The simplest harnesses have a single attachment on the back of the animal. This simplicity does not mean that it is a bad thing, on the contrary. Other models have several fasteners or even strips that stick together.

The main thing is, regardless of the system to attach the harness, it’s to choose a solid and ergonomic fastener. Poor quality canine accessories have fasteners that break in a few weeks or are damaged by a single stroke of fangs. 

If you choose a low-end harness, no doubt you will have these inconveniences.

The fasteners should be quick to fix and detach to avoid troubles when taking your dog out. Especially since it is very likely that your pooch is impatient at the thought of running outside!

Choosing a suitable material for your harness

The K9 harness has a serious advantage in that the materials used to manufacture the product make it possible to evaporate perspiration. If you have ever put on a leather necklace, you have surely noticed that it quickly ends up smelling bad. The dog does not sweat in large drops like a human, but his skin is still conducive to sweating.

Having a harness that evaporates humidity ensures that it won’t become sticky and smell bad. It is also very comfortable for your dog if the harness is more resistant to hot and humid weather.

Choosing a harness that is easy to hold

The harness is a great training tool. With a collar and a leash, when the animal pulls, it hurts his throat. The most aggressive or excited the dog risks hurting himself. This can go to a point that he has difficulty breathing for several minutes.

The harness allows you to avoid this situation. When the dog pulls, you hold him back and your strength is spread across a good part of his body. Therefore, he can be controlled in an effective and painless way. This is particularly true if you buy a harness that covers well your dog’s body.

In addition, a handle on top allows you to hold your dog firmly, if you are close to him. If you command him to “sit” and your dog does not listen to you, holding it via a handle reminds him of your request, that you are the master, while reassuring him. You control the situation and you are in command. 

Choosing an aesthetic harness

You have discreet harnesses and others more design oriented. Whatever your decision, choose a harness that goes well with the dog’s dress. The dress, for those who do not know, corresponds to the coat of the animal and his breed.

Thus, a little crazy pug that sticks out its tongue all the time will be perfect in a brightly colored harness because it suits well with its character. On the other hand, a majestic Newfoundland in a neon green harness will be ridiculous. Generally speaking, on large dogs, it is advisable to choose a tone close to the color of the hair. As a result, we always notice the dog and not the harness first!

Choose a harness according to your needs

If you go on long hikes with your dog or you are hunting with him, the need for storage becomes more important. A tactical dog harness can allow the dog to carry a few objects like the water bowl or some treats. Obviously, these harnesses are reserved for dogs who will have no difficulty carrying a certain weight on their back.