The benefits of planting trees

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More and more trees are cut down and the wood is used to make all kinds of products. Therefore, after a while there are not enough trees left and therefore we need to invest in planting trees. But why are trees so important? And why should we invest in them? How do trees make the earth a better place? We would like to tell you more about that in this blog.

Less water wastage

First of all, trees are extremely important for capturing water. After a heavy rainfall our sewers can overflow and that is of course not what we want! when the sewer overflows, it can cause many unpleasant consequences. That is why trees are so important, because trees catch a lot of rainwater. The roots of the trees make the ground more permeable so that excess water can easily drain away. If we have more trees in our streets, we will have fewer problems with flooding. This is why we should plant more trees in streets that haven’t got many!

From CO2 to oxygen

As humans, we need oxygen to live. Did you know that trees can actually produce oxygen? So we literally need trees to live! In addition, we are dealing in the world with an enhanced greenhouse effect. We simply have too much CO2 in the air. But did you know that trees capture this CO2 and thus literally make the air cleaner? The trees convert the CO2 into oxygen, which actually works perfectly! This oxygen also ensures that other plants and trees can grow better and therefore trees are a very big part of our nature. This is one of the reasons why tree planting companies insist so much on planting trees, because it is literally better for our health and that’s good to know for sure if you want the right information.

Hot summer days

When people want to go outside on a summery day, but there are no trees anywhere, it is far too hot in the city. In fact, trees literally keep a city cool, allowing people to walk through the city without overheating too quickly. So without trees, a beautiful summer day would be no fun at all! In addition, some greenery in the city naturally looks nice and puts people in a better mood. So trees are actually much more important than you might have thought! So we think that planting more trees is definitely something we should invest in.