Why are dark violet dropper bottles better than the rest?

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It seems incredible to think that by simply changing the color of the glass you can get so many benefits. That’s why you’ll now notice that the drugstore shelves will be filled with more dark violet dropper bottles than before. Although they look black in color, they are actually violet. This new change is because it has been discovered that violet glass is capable of blocking harmful light rays. Generally, the substances used inside dropper bottles are very delicate. Companies are confronted with the laws of nature. Light is capable of altering the physical composition of products. This can cause them to deteriorate faster or lose effectiveness over time. No one wants to see that happen to their products. This is the main reason why so many companies are migrating to violet glass.

Products maintain their effectiveness for much longer

There are medical products that we need to store in case of emergency. A practical example is aspirin. These tablets are stored individually and vacuum-packed in blister packs. To achieve the same protective effect for medicines in dropper bottles, the pharmaceutical industry opted to start using violet glass. Since these products are generally used on a daily basis, they must maintain their effectiveness as on the first day. Violet glass not only protects against light rays, but also offers the possibility of energizing the substances inside. Thanks to this, the substances inside the dropper bottles remain effective for much longer. You can store these products without worrying that they will lose their medicinal properties.

Can a crystal energize?

We are sure that you have this question on your mind: How is it possible that a violet crystal can provide energy? Well, there is a simple way to explain it. Ultraviolet light has one of the highest frequencies with around 750 billion Hertz. Some years ago Professor Hugo Niggli discovered that these frequencies activate and energize the molecular structure of substances held within dark violet glass dropper bottles. Don’t panic! Your medicine won’t become radioactive from excess of energy. This only helps the composition of the substances not to be altered as fast as with other types of glass. Think of skin care machines. They all use ultraviolet rays to help keep the skin clean and healthy. Dark violet glass dropper bottles have the same effect. Don’t hesitate to try violet glass. You won’t regret.